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Report Writing Checklist



Before you submit your work, check that it includes these features of good reports:


Does it answer the purpose stated (or implied) in the brief? 

Does it answer the needs of the projected reader? 

Has the material been placed in the appropriate sections? 

Has all the material been checked for accuracy? 

Are graphs and tables carefully labelled? 

Is data in graphs or tables also explained in words and analysed? 

Does the discussion/conclusion show how the results relate to objectives set out in the introduction?

Have you discussed how your results relate to existing research mentioned in your literature survey? 

Has all irrelevant material been removed?


Is it written throughout in appropriate style (i.e. no colloquialisms or contractions, using an objective tone, specific rather than vague)? 

Is it jargon-free and clearly written? 

Has every idea taken from or inspired by someone else’s work been acknowledged with a reference?

Have all illustrations and figures taken from someone else’s work been cited correctly?  

Has it been carefully proof-read to eliminate careless mistakes?