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Referencing - OSCOLA

Case names

  • Where there are multiple parties, name only the first claimant and first defendant.
  • Where the parties are individuals, omit first names and initials.
  • Abbreviate common words and phrases: use BC for Borough Council, Co for Company, DPP for Director of Public Prosecutions and so on (see OSCOLA, section 4.2.4 of the appendix for more abbreviations).
  • Use Re in preference to In re, In the matter of, and so on: Re the Companies Act 1985 rather than In the matter of the Companies Act 1985, and Re Farquar’s Estate instead of In re the Estate of Farquar.
  • Abbreviate Ex parte to Ex p with a capital E only if it is the first word of the case name. The p has no full stop.
  • Do not include expressions such as 'and another', which may appear in titles in law reports.

See the OSCOLA guide, p.14. for more on case names.