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Referencing - OSCOLA

HM Government and agency reports

Follow the general principles for citing secondary sources (section 3.1). If a source has an ISBN, cite it like a book. Generally, cite sources that do not have ISBNs with the title in roman and within single quotation marks (like journal articles).


Judiciary for England And Wales, 'The Administrative Court Judicial Review Guide 2020' (July 2018) <> accessed 29 March 2019.

Command papers

Command papers include White and Green Papers, relevant treaties, government responses to select committee reports, and reports of committees of inquiry. When citing a command paper, begin the citation with the name of the department or other body that produced the paper, and then give the title of the paper in italics, followed by the command paper number and the year in brackets. If additional information is required, insert it within the brackets before the command paper number.

Home Office, Report of the Royal Commission on Capital Punishment (Cm 8932, 1953) para 53
Department for Children, Schools and Families, 2008 Autumn Performance Report (Cm 7507, 2008) 54
Department for International Development, Eliminating World Poverty: Building our Common Future (White Paper, Cm 7656, 2009) ch 5

Law Commission Reports

Cite Law Commission reports by title in italics, Law Com number and year:

Law Commission, Reforming Bribery (Law Com No 313, 2008) paras 3.12–3.17



Hansard reports debates on the floor of the House of Commons (HC Deb) and House of Lords (HL Deb)
The citation is in this format:

HL Deb OR HC Deb | date, | volume, | column

HC Deb 3 February 1977, vol 389, cols 973–76
HL Deb 12 November 2009, vol 714, col 893

Written answers are indicated by:
- House of Commons:  ‘W’ after the column number
- House of Lords:  'WA' before the column number

HC Deb 4 July 1996, vol 280, col 505W 
HL Deb 21 July 2005, vol 673, col WA261

Debates in the Public Bill committees (House of Commons)
Cite the title of the Bill, followed by ‘Deb’, followed by the date and the column number:

Health Bill Deb 30 January 2007, cols 12–15  

If the Bill title is very long, begin the citation with ‘PBC Deb’, followed by the Bill number in brackets:

PBC Deb (Bill 99) 30 January 2007, cols 12–15

Committee reports

Give the name of the committee, the title of the report in italics, and then in brackets HL or HC, the session and after a comma the paper number and volume number (the latter in roman numerals):

 Science and Technology Committee, Genomic Medicine (HL 2008–09, 107–I) 
Health Committee, Patient Safety (HC 2008–09, 151–I) paras 173–75

For reports of joint committees, cite both the House of Lords and House of Commons paper numbers, in that order:

Joint Committee on Human Rights, Legislative Scrutiny: Equality Bill (second report); Digital Economy Bill (2009–10, HL 73, HC 425) 14–16