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Referencing - OSCOLA

Intro to International law

In addition to UK and EU law, you may need to reference international treaties, cases from international tribunals and documents from international agencies.  Listed below are references to some commonly cited documents. 

The complete OSCOLA guide to referencing international law can be found here:

International treaties

United Nations Treaty Series:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (adopted 10 December 1948 UNGA Res 217 A(III) (UDHR) art 5 

Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (adopted 28 July 1951, entered into force 22 April 1954) 189 UNTS 137 (Refugee Convention) art 33 

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (adopted 16 December 1966, entered into force 23 March 1976) 999 UNTS 171 (ICCPR) art 7

Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (adopted 12 August  1949, entered into force 2 November 1950) 75 UNTS 135 (Geneva Convention) art 12

United Nations documents

Cite UN documents in the following order: author, ‘title’ date document reference number. Italicize the title of a UN document only if it has been published as a book (ie, it has an ISBN), in which case the UN Doc number is not necessary. Cite full titles in the first citation, and shortened titles thereafter.


UNGA Res 3314 (XXIX) (14 December 1974)

UNGA Res 51/210 (17 December 1996) UN Doc A/RES/51/210

Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, UNGA Res 1514 (XV) (14 Dec 1960) (adopted by 89 votes to none; 9 abstentions)

UNGA ‘Report of the Special Committee on Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation Among States’ UN GAOR 25th Session Supp No 18 UN Doc A/8018 (1970)

UNGA ‘Report of the Ad Hoc Committee Established by UNGA Res 51/210’ (17 December 1996) 6th Session (2002) UN Doc Supp No 37 (A/57/37)

UNGA Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly, Rule 98 UN Doc A/520/Rev 15 (1984) 

UNGA ‘Report of the Secretary-General 65/190’ (2001) UN Doc A/56/190 

Report of the Secretary-General, ‘Rape and Abuse of Women in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia’ (1994) UN Doc E/CN.4/1994/5 

UNCHR, Fourth Special Session 23–24 September 1999 ‘Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the Human Rights Situation in East Timor’ (17 September 1999) UN Doc E/CN.4/S-4/CRP 


International case law

Corfu Channel Case (UK v Albania) (Merits) [1949] ICJ Rep 4

Juridical Condition and Rights of the Undocumented Migrants, Advisory Opinion OC-18, Inter-American Court of Human Rights Series A No 18 (17 September 2003)