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UWLReadingLists Guide for Academics: Inclusive reading lists

Inclusive Reading List project

UWL Library Services in partnership with academic staff in the schools and colleges, is undertaking a project to look at how we might together develop more culturally inclusive reading lists which complement the curriculum. This is in response to concern expressed within the university at the awarding gap between some student demographics, student feedback nationally and our professional commitment to inclusive library collections.

UWL students and staff are very varied in cultural background, and we believe would benefit from having access to a range of course materials that better reflect their cultural experiences, making it easier for them to become more effectively engaged in their studies.

Reading lists are core to the UWL Library collection and dominate our purchasing decisions, both in terms of titles and copies. To ensure we have an inclusive collection, in terms of books, journals and other specialist resources, we need to prioritise the inclusiveness of our reading lists. Reading lists are developed in collaboration between academic staff and their librarian to underpin the core curriculum and provide students with recommendations to expand their independent reading of their subject area.

The project involves the librarian and academic looking afresh at the curriculum within the module/course and considering what the role of the reading list is for the students, analysing each text on the reading list to consider how inclusive it is (both in terms of authorship and/or content), actively searching for more inclusive texts to add to the reading list in addition or in exchange for current texts and looking for examples in the texts that can be highlighted to the students to support aspects of the curriculum.

We aim to ensure that the inclusive texts selected for the reading lists are not considered supplementary texts but instead are at the centre of the curriculum being covered within the course/module.

For more details about the project, please contact your Subject Librarian.