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Study Groups: Welcome





UWL Study Groups..... Get involved.

Get together with other students studying your course to read the core material and discuss it.

Reading about your topic will help you in both your understanding of the topic and in developing your own ideas and thoughts.

Study groups can help you meet new people, dedicate time to your reading and learn with fellow students.

The most effective reading is when you know the purpose for why you are reading it. Study groups give structure to your reading and are a supportive environment, allowing the free exchange of ideas and helping you to learn from and with each other.

Put together a group

If you want to put together your own study group, then here are some top tips for doing it:

  • Keep it reasonable small (ideally between 5 and 10 members)
  • Ensure all members of the group know how to contact each other and what everyone's preferred method is (text, whatsapp, email etc)
  • Arrange a date in advance and decide how long you will be meeting for (a good timeframe is around an hour so that there is time for lots of discussion and everyone has time to absorb the discussion)
  • Decide between you what you are going to read/study (this could be a specific section of a book or reading about a specific topic using lots of different sources)
  • Chose a place to meet which is comfortable and easy for you all to hear each other (good options are the 1st floor of the PH Library, 2nd floor of Paragon or social space on 9th/10th floor of Fountain House)
  • Rotate who takes the lead at each meet up (helpful to have a lead person to keep the conversation on track but this can easily be shared amongst the members of the group)
  • Allow all members of the group to contribute to the discussion as much as they want to (study groups are about shared learning so everyone needs to make sure they contribute but some members will find some topics/books easier to contribute on than others)
  • Decide how you want to start each meet up (for example, go round the group and everyone mention one thing that they found interesting/difficult/easy or chose one aspect of the topic and everyone chip in with ideas)
  • Be respectful of everyone's ideas and contributions
  • Ensure that everyone fully understand the regulations around Plagiarism and Collusion and seek advice if you are unsure.
  • Be mindful of everyone and ensure the group is a supportive environment
  • At the end of each meet up, agree the time, date, place and purpose of next one
  • Try and ensure everyone can attend each meet up where possible
  • If someone wants to leave the group, you might want to ask someone else to join or keep it to the original members. This will just depend on what the group members feel about this.

Join a group


Below are the times/dates for new study groups which are starting. At the first meeting of the group, your librarian will be there to explain how study groups work. They will then leave you to it and the group members will decide on when and where the following meet ups will be.

During the pilot, we will ask for feedback on how the concept of a study group is working. Look out for Blackboard announcements on this.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point, please contact Davina Omar on / 0208 231 2252

Airline and Airport Management Level 6 students

8th February at noon. Meeting Room 1, Paul Hamlyn Library

Business Studies Level 6 students

8th February 2pm. Mezzanine at Paragon

Working together

Study groups are supportive environments, please ensure that all members are respectful of people's ideas and contributions.  If you are concerned about another member of the group, please contact the SU Advice service.

Ensure that you fully understand the regulations around Plagiarism and Collusion and seek advice if you are unsure. The regulations can be found here and advice can be sought from your personal tutor, lecturers and librarian.